American Association for Chinese Studies 


Papers and Presentations 2011

Bilsborough, Shane. "China’s Rare Earths: An Embryonic Security Dilemma?" [doc]

Birky, Stuart. "English-Language Spreads to Contemporary Taiwan: An Example of American 'Linguistic Imperialism'?" [doc]

Birkland, Adib. "A Cross-cultural Comparison of Perceptions of Senior Leader Wrongdoing between China and the United States." [pdf]

Chang, Chiung-Fang and Harden, Garrick. "Fashion and Freedom: A Textual Analysis of Chinese Women from 1911 to 2011." [doc]

Chen, Edward. "Wanted: A Referendum on Taiwan’s Unification with China." [doc]

Chen, Frederick. "Dr. Sun Yat-sen’s Five-Power Constitution: Theory and Practice." [doc] [pdf]

Chen, Po-Tsung. "Small-Scale, Personalized and Innovative Daycare Centers in Taiwan." [doc]

Chen, Ya-Chen. "History of Chinese American Women in the US." [doc]

Chen, Ya-Chen. "Female Chinese Heritage Pioneers at the Top of U.S. Professions." [ppt]

Chiang, Linda. "Women’s status at the turn of the Republican Period in China." [doc]

Clark, Cal and Tan, Alexander. "The Paradoxes in Taiwan’s ‘Two-Level Game’ Concerning Cross-Strait Relations." [doc]

Conner, Alison. "China's Lawyers and Their Training: Enduring Influences and Disconnects." [pdf]

deLisle, Jacques. "China, Taiwan and International Human Rights: A Tale of Two Constitutions." [doc]

Fang, Yi-Wen and Chiang, Yen-Sheng. "A Case Study on Internet Polarization: Sina, "The Taiwan Strait Forum" on Economic Cooperation Framework Agreement (ECFA)." [doc]

Friedman, Edward. "Understanding the Defeat of China’s 1911 Democratic Breakthrough." [doc]

Ger, Yeong-Kuang. "One Hundred Years after the Xinhai Revolution: A Critical Review of the Thoughts of Sun Yat-sen and the Global Development of the Ombudsman System." [doc]

Guo, Shengping. "Can the Rise of China Change the Global Order?" [doc]

Hsiung, James. "Commemorating the Xinhai Centennial: A Political-Science Perspective." [doc]

Kenley, David. "The Chinese Diaspora in Cuba: Wielding the Tools of Overseas Identity." [pdf]

Lin, Abraham. "Integration of Commercial Banking between Taiwan and China after MOU." [doc]

Lin, Scott. "An Inconvenient Truth for Taiwan: Accelerating Integration of China with its One-China Principle into Global Governance Mechanisms." [pdf]

Ling, Yu Long. "Dr. Sun Yat-sen’s Doctrine and Impact on the Modern World." [doc]

Lu, Ming-Tsan Pierre. "Chinese Character Learning: Using Embodiment in Initial Stage." [pdf]

Mao, Sheng. "Emotions and Popular Opinion on Stalin’s Death in the People’s Republic of China in 1953." [pdf]

McBeath, Gerald and McBeath, Jennifer. "Environmental Education in Taiwan, with Comparisons to China." [doc]

Ming, Marian. "Early Years of Education and Training: Against All Odds." [doc]

Ming, Marian. "Practice of Law in Fighting Spirit." [ppt]

Ou, Tzu-Chi. "Hiding a “Garbage Village: Changes in Urban Governance at the 2008 Beijing Olympics." [pdf]

Palm, Daniel. "The Idea of Human Equality at the Founding of the Chinese Republic, 1911." [doc]

Pillar, Megan and Fetzer, Joel. "Strangers on the Island: Ethnopartisanship and Taiwanese Immigration Attitudes." [doc]

Pong, David. "From Reform to Revolution: Rebalancing the Root Causes of the 1911 Revolution." [doc]

Strand, David. "A Woman’s Republic: Sun Yat-sen, Tang Qunying and the Question of Women’s Rights in 1912." [doc]

Tai, Paul. "Disciples of the Xin Hai Revolution: Chiang Kai-Shek and Mao Zedong." [doc]

Tso, Yi-En. "Reexamine Sino-Vatican Relations: The Triangle Game between Vatican, China, and Taiwan." [doc]

Tung, Wen-Ling. "Dreaming and Awakening in The Tower of Myriad Mirrors: The Interpretation of Xiyou bu from the Perspective of Buddhist Philosophy." [doc]

Twu, Jeffrey Chih-yu. "Jetlagged Simultaneity: Nationality without Citizenship in Taiwan." [doc]

Uhalley, Stephen. "The China-U.S. Aerospace Relationship: Competition, Cooperation, or Both?" [doc]

Wang, Renee Yuwei. "Who are the Han? ---- Discourses on nation, race, ethnicity, and the Han among Chinese intellectuals in Late Qing and Early Republican China." [doc]

Wang, Renee Yuwei. "Who are the Han? ---- Representations of the Han in Chinese school textbooks in late Qing and early republican China." [doc]

Wang, T.Y. "Analyzing the “Abandoning Taiwan” Argument." [doc]

Wang, Vincent. "A Modus Vivendi for Taiwan’s “International Space”? A Functional-Competence Model for Taiwan’s Participation in International Organizations." [doc]

Wei, Chunjuan Nancy. "The China-Taiwan Trade Deal and the Ensuing East Asian Political Economic Order." [doc]

Wilbur, Scott. "The Political Influence of Economic Dependence in Japan’s China Policy since the Koizumi Administration." [pdf]

Wu, Yenna. "Examining the Intersections of Women and Prison in Chinese Prison Narratives." [Contact Author]

Wu, Yu-Shan. "Sun Yat-Sen Thought, Centennial of the ROC, And Development Models in Taiwan and Mainland China: A Macro Analytical Framework." [doc] [pdf]

Yang, Min. "Trauma and Ideology: Scar Literature from 1977 to1983." [doc]