American Association for Chinese Studies 


Papers and Presentations 2012



The 6 Nominees for the 2012 Hung-dah Chiu Best Conference Paper Award:

Cheng, T.J. and Brown, Deborah. “Church-State Relations in Contemporary China: The Critical Shouwang Case.”

Liao, Ning. "Construction and Consumption of Collective Memory: The Enabling versus Constraining Effects of Strategic Narratives and Beijing’s Foreign Policymaking." [pdf]

Phillips, Steven. "The Nationalists' Regional Relations in the Early Cold War, 1949-1955." [pdf]

Tai, Paul. "A Rejoinder to Robert Sutter’s Paper on Chinese Foreign Policy." [pdf]

Wang, Jenn-Hwan. "Small is Beautiful? Small Hydro Power and the Paradox of the Water-Energy Nexus in China." [pdf]

Yee, Albert. "China’s Transition to a 'Sustainably Competitive' Model of Economic Development: Four Core Components and their Interconnections." [pdf]


Brock, Darryl. "The People’s Landscape: Mr. Science and the Mass Line."  

           Available as a chapter in "Mr. Science and Chairman Mao's Cultural Revolution: Science

           and Technology in Modern China," published by Lexington Books in December 2012.

Chang, Jaw-ling Joanne. "US-Taiwan Relations Since 1979." [ppt]

Chiang, Linda. "Teaching Other People’s Children: Helping Foreign Brides’ Children to Meet Academic and Social Challenges." [pdf]

Chen, Dean. "Origins of the Strategic Ambiguity Policy: The Wilsonian Open Door and Truman’s China-Taiwan Policy." [pdf]

Chow, Peter. "Financial Development and Household Saving in China: Implications for Rebalancing  the Global Economy." [pptx]

Clark, Cal and Clark, Evelyn. "Taiwan and Chile: Implications for Creating a Dynamic Political Economy." [pdf]

Dinh, Julia. "China's Assertive Policy in the South China Sea: Any Chances for Hu's 'Harmonious World' Concept in the Early 21st Century?" [pdf]

Dittmer, Lowell. "Chinese Political Reform and the Deliberative Turn." [pdf]

Guo, Shengping. "How China Exercised Its International Power?" [pdf]

Hsiung, James. "The Magic of the '1992 Consensus:' As Seen from the Legal and Political Standpoints." [pdf]

Hu, Yue. "Twofold-Affecting Model: A Cultural Pattern of Social Change from a Comparative Study between the China and Russia Cases." [pdf]

McCord, Edward. "Reevaluating the Nanjing Decade: A Provincial Perspective." [pdf]

Palm, Daniel. "Chinese Encounters with Foreign Ideas in the Self-Strengthening Movement (1861-1895)." [pdf]

Schiffman, James. "Mass Media and Representation: A Critical Comparison of the CCTV and NBC Presentations of the Opening Ceremony of the 2008 Beijing Olympic Summer Games." [pdf]

Stockton, Hans. "Manufacturing Majoritarian Democracy through Electoral Reform in East Asia." [pdf]

Sutter, Robert. "How Cold War Legacies Add to Constraints Precluding China’s Leadership in Asia." [pdf]

Tung, Wen-ling. "Dreaming and Awakening in The Tower of Myriad Mirrors: the Interpretation of Xiyou bu from the Perspective of Buddhist Philosophy." [pdf]

Uhalley, Stephen. "The Problematic China-U.S. Aerospace Relationship." [abstract] [paper]

Walcott, Susan. "Producer Services in Xi’an: Inner China Rising." [pdf]

Wang, Vincent. "American Perspectives on the Rise of China and the Rise of India." [pdf]

Wei, Judy Chia Yin. "The Parties' Strategic Entry in Hong Kong's Legislative Council Elections under the Largest Remainder Proportional Representation." [pdf]

Wei, Nancy Chunjuan. "Barefoot Doctors: The Legacy of Chairman Mao’s Healthcare."

           Available as a chapter in "Mr. Science and Chairman Mao's Cultural Revolution: Science

           and Technology in Modern China," published by Lexington Books in December 2012.


Xu, Zhenhui and Fan, Jianyong. "Domestic Demand and Regional Market Segmentation in China." [pdf]


Yoo, In Tae. "How Do We Hang Out? Regional Powers and Financial Cooperation." [pdf]