American Association for Chinese Studies 


Papers and Presentations 2013



Byun, See-Won "Economic Openness and Reform under Authoritarian Rule: Center-Local-International Linkages on China’s Periphery" [pdf]

Cai, Kevin "China since the 18th Party Congress: a One-Year Assessment" [pdf]

Chan, Melissa "Translating Text into Film: Redefining the Adaptation and Translation Divide through Ang Lee's Life of Pi" [pdf]

Chen, Xuguang "Ang Lee: The Idealist and Practitioner of Cultural Fusion" [pdf]

Ching-Jung, Tsai "The Shifting Role of Taiwanese Enterprises on China’s Technological Upgrade" [pdf]

Clark, Cal " The Puzzle of Why the Status of Women is Higher in Taiwan than Chile" [pdf]

Fetzer, Joel "Church and State in Spanish Formosa" [pdf]

Gao, Qin "Size and Structure of the Chinese Welfare System: Evidence from Macro Data" [pdf]

Gao, Qin "Social Insurance for Migrant Workers in China: Impact of the 2008 Labor Contract Law" [pdf]

Hsiung, James Chieh " The Human-Nature Premise in Cultures: East and West" [pdf]

Hsiung, James Chieh "Soft Power, Geoeconomics,  & Empathy in China’s New Diplomacy" [pdf]

Huang, Hsin-Ha " Elite Configuration and the Survival of Leninist Party: A Comparative Study of the CCP and KMT" [pdf]

Kong, Lingqian "Recreating Old Shanghai--- Eileen Chang, Ang Lee Lust, Caution" [pdf]

Li, Chien-Pin "U.S.-China Economic Relations: Implications of the United States’ New Asia Policy" [pdf]

Lin, Hong-Jen "Effects of Firm-Specific and Macroeconomic Environmental Variables on Cost and Profit Efficiencies: A Study of Commercial Banks in Taiwan" [pdf]

Lin, Rongrong " Provincial Leaders in China: 1988 and 2011" [pdf]

Liu, Xiaoyi "The Food and Cuisine Cultures of the Ming Dynasty" [pdf]

Nikitina, Alexandra "The Face of Emotion in Early Communist China: The Loyalist vs. the Bourgeois Anti-Hero" [pdf]

Rubenstein, Murray A. "Studying “Taiwan Studies:” The Evolution and the Transformations of a Multi-Disciplinary Sub-field, 1600 CE to 2013CE" [pdf]

Rubenstein, Murray A. "Chapter 2: The Evolution of Taiwan’s Economic Miracle 1945-2000: Personal Accounts and Political Narratives" [pdf]

Shi, Shih-Jiunn "A New Mode of Public-Private Welfare Mix? Promoting Partnership by Social Management in China" [pdf]

Solinger, Dorothy J. "Three Models of Chinese Welfare: Confucian Values and Their Variable Application" [pdf]

Wang, Jenn Hwan "State Rescaling and Water Governance: The South–to-North Water Transfer Project in China" [pdf]

Wang, Xiaoxuan "The Dilemma of Implementation: the State and Religion in the People’s Republic of China" [pdf]

Wang, Zhen "Who Gets Promoted and Why? Understanding Power and Persuasion in China's Cadre Evaluation System" [pdf]

Weng, Leihua "Experience of Individual Time as Repudiation of the Subject of History in Lust, Caution" [pdf]

Weng, Lu-Chung "Political Participation in Asia - The Case of Democratic Taiwan" [pdf]

Wu, Shelley Yi-jung "Diaspora: An Alternative Theoretical Framework for Understanding Chinese and Taiwanese Americans families and their Educational Experiences" [pdf]

Wu, Yu-Shan "From Identity to Distribution: Paradigm Shift in Taiwan Politics A First Cut" [pdf]

Xiao, Ying "Grass Mud Horse Style: Popular Resistance, the Politics and Poetics of Internet in Post-socialist Crisis" [pdf]

Zhu, Yun "Fantasy and Spirituality in Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon and Life of Pi" [pdf]