F 2014 Conference Papers and Presentations

American Association for Chinese Studies 


Papers and Presentations 2014



Barfield, Claude "Paper for Presentation as the Association of Chinese Scholars Conference" [pdf]

Bosco, Joseph "Taiwan and Strategic Security" [pdf]

Chai, Minqi "Treasury Secretary Effect” in Yen/Yuan-Dollar Exchange Rate Policy" [pdf]

Chang, Chiung-Fang & Chiang, Linda H. "Interethnic Marriage: The Social Exchange and Gender Hierarchy of New Immigrant Women in Taiwan" [pdf]

Chen, Dan "Safety Valve Releasing Public Anger: The Effects of Critical Television News on Public Opinion in China" [pdf]

Chen, Nabo & Zang, Xiaowei "How Do Rural Elites Reproduce Privileges in Post-1978 China? Local Corporatism, Informal Bargaining, and Opportunistic Parasitism" [pdf]

Chu, Yun-han "Taiwan's Soft Power and the Future of the Cross-Strait Relations" [pdf]

deLisle, Jacques deLisle "The Taiwan Relations Act—Legal Foundations of Political Entrenchment" [pdf]

Dinh, Julia "Ideational Leadership in Chinese Foreign Policy From Theoretical and Historical Approach" [pdf]

Dreyer, June Teufel "What to Expect from the PLA in 2015" [pdf]

Duan, Lei "The Border Service Department" [pdf]

Halsey, Stephen Halsey "Past Prologue: The Origins of Environmental Governance in Contemporary China" [pdf]

Huang, Chien-Chung & Vikse, Juliann "War on Poverty: Effectiveness of Anti-Poverty Programs in the United States" [pdf]

Huang, Wei "China’s Hierarchical View of Human Rights" [pdf]

Ireland, Daryl "The Chinese Occupation of Christianity?" [pdf]

Kiang, Walter "Child Welfare and Globalization: Implications for Future Direction" [pdf]

Knaack, Peter "From laggard to primus - Why is China exceeding global banking standards?" [pdf]

Lane, Stephen "Studios: New York and Beijing" [pdf]

Larus, Elizabeth Freund "The Pivot versus the Dream: The Battle for Seapower in the Asia Pacific Elizabeth Freund Larus, Ph.D. University of Mary Washington Abstract" [pdf]

Lay, William & Wei, Chunjuan "International Law and the South China Sea Dispute: China, Taiwan, and the Philippines" [pdf]

Lee, Don "Selecting Cabinet Ministers: Patterns of Ministerial Selection in Asian Presidential Democracies" [pdf]

Lee, Roy "The Tiger that Dances with the Dragon: Taiwan’s Economic Integration Strategy with China and the Asia Pacific" [pdf]

Li, Gang "China’s Democratization and Chinese with Experience Abroad: A Historical Perspective" [pdf]

Li, Ling "Party‐state complex and regime adaptation in China: Ruling both under and above the law" [pdf]

Li, Fang-yu "Rhizomatic Writing and the Problematics of Taiwanese Identity in Wu Hes Thinking of Abang Kadresengan; [pdf]

Lin, Cheng-Hsien "Family Stress and Adaptation Among Youth in Southern Taiwan" [pdf] [graph(pdf)]

Lin, Jih-Wen "Vote Trading in the Making of a Semi-Presidential Constitution: Evidence from Taiwan" [pdf]

Lin, Jiun Da "The Factional Politics of Exchange Rate in China" [pdf]

Liu, Li Yin "Individuals’ Cultural Biases and Their Reaction on the Cross-Strait Issues: A Case Study on the Sunflower Movement in Taiwan" [pdf]

McBeath, Jenifer & Jerry and Tian, Qing "Environmental Pollution, Cancer Villages and the State’s Response" [pdf]

McBeath, Jerry "Environmental Education in China: Provisional Results and Characteristics" [pdf]

Trung, Nguyen "Accommodate the Dragon: Vietnam's Enduring Asymmetric Entanglements with China" [pdf]

Palm, Daniel "Politics and the Problem of Defining Terrorism in the People’s Republic of China" [pdf]

Phillips, Steven "Historical Perspectives on the Taiwan Relations Act" [pdf]

Plummer, Michael, Petri, Peter A. & Zhai, Fan "The TPP, China and the FTAAP: The Case for Convergence" [pdf]

Raditio, Klaus "China and the Tension in the South China Sea: A Defensive Realist Perspective" [pdf]

Rubenstein, Murray A. "Christianity and the State in Post War Taiwan" [pdf]

Shou, Huisheng "The Authoritarianism That Listens: Economic Integration and Welfare Restructuring in China" [pdf]

Smith, Stephen & Yu, Ching-hsin "Wild Lilies and Sunflowers: Political Actors’ Responses to Student Movements in Taiwan" [pdf]

Stanley, John R. "The Emergence of Chinese Christian Leaders in Shandong’s Presbyterian Mission" [pdf]

Sutter, Robert "America’s Greater Attention to Taiwan amid Heightened Competition with China" [pdf]

Sutter, Robert "Congress and American Support for Taiwan under the Taiwan Relations Act (TRA)" [pdf]

Tao, Jing "China’s Socialization in the International Human Rights Regime: Why Did China Reject the Rome Statute of the International Criminal Court?" [pdf]

Thim, Michal & Matsuoka, Misato ""Taiwan-Japan Relations after 2013 Fisheries Agreement: Road to 'Japan's TRA" [pdf]

Tso, Yi-En "Environmental Politics in Taiwan: The explosion and fire accident of the No. 6 Naphtha Cracking Project in July, 2010" [pdf]

Uhalley, Stephen "China’s ‘Jade Rabbit’ on the Moon: A “Wakeup Call”?" [pdf]

Wang, Vincent "Taiwan Relations Act at 35: Endruing Framework or Singular Triumph?" [pdf]

Wei, Judy "The Media Effect on Economic Voting in Taiwan before and after Regime Transition" [pdf]

Wu, Yu-Shan "Drawing an Age Line: Rejuvenation or Exclusion" [pdf]

Yang, Fan "The “Chinese Dream” in Contemporary Media Culture" [pdf]

Xiong, Diana "The Border Service Department" [pdf]