American Association for Chinese Studies 


Papers and Presentations 2015



Charm, Kai Yue Theodore "Taiwan’s 2014 Local Election: From Embryonic to Consolidated Democracy" [pdf]

Clark, Cal "Identity and Integration as Conflicting Forces Stimulating the Sunflower Movement and the KMT’s Loss in the 2014 Elections" [pdf]

Davidson, Lincoln "Patrons, clients and secretaries: governance in Chinese villages" [pdf]

Huang, Wei-Hao "What Determines China's Allocation of Confucius Institute: Educational, Political, or Economic Interest?" [pdf]

Huang, Yingying "Modern Chinese Theater and the Alien Spectator on Stage" [pdf]

Kao, Jay Chieh "Do Economic Conditions Shape Political Support in China?" [pdf]

Lin, Hong-Jen "Shadow Banking: Kill It or Save It? Experiences from Taiwan and China" [pdf]

Lin, Linus Guan-Chun "Taiwanese Laborers’ Body Images – The Correlations between Embodied Behaviours and the Social Structures" [pdf]

Ming, Guanpei "Territories of “Greater China” and the Chinese Cultural Governance of Hong Kong" [pdf]

McCord, Edward A. "Militia and the 1926-27 National Revolution in Hunan" [pdf]

Primiano Christopher "Two Images of China’s Human Rights: A Dilemma" [pdf]

Templeman, Kharis "Threats, Alliances, and Electorates: Why Taiwan's Defense Spending has Declined as China's has Risen" [pdf]

Tung, Chen-yuan "Opportunities and Pitfalls of Cross-­‐Strait Economic Integration: Taiwan after the ECFA" [pdf]

Wang, Austin "Clamping down on Growing National Identity? Case of China's Cross-strait Policies toward Taiwanese, 2004-2012" [pdf]

Wang, Meiqin "Waste in Contemporary Chinese Art: Byproducts of China’s Urban Development and
Consumerism" [pdf]

Wu, Chia-rong "Tales of the Ghost Island: A Haunting Literary Review" [pdf]

Wu, Chun-Ying "Social Policies and Vote Choices in the 2012 Taiwanese Presidential Election" [pdf]

Xiang, Cai "Comparative Study on Affordable Housing Policies of Six Major Chinese Cities" [pdf]

Xiang, Cai "The Determinants on Affordable Housing Distribution A Pilot Study on Common Perspectives from Local Government Officials" [pdf]

Xu, Jianfen "A Study of Sustainable Business Models for Small and Medium Enterprises in China" [pdf]