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Papers and Presentations 2019



Chen, Yen-Hsin  Who Protest and Why? Explaining Protest in China

Chen, Kuan-Wu   Variety of Authoritarian Environmentalism: The Case of Water Management in Singapore, China, and Vietnam

Chiang, Wan-Ling  Beyond the Myth of Nationality: Aesthetic Resistance in Su Yu-Hsien's Hua-Shan-Qiang (2013)

Chow, Peter C.Y.  U.S.-Taiwan Economic Partnership amid the US-China Trade War

Cal, Clark; Tan, Alexander C.; Ho, Karl  Was 2016 a Realigning Election in Taiwan?

Deng, Kent The 1919 May Fourth Movement: Naivety and Reality in China

Fetzer, Joel; Soper, Christopher J  Church and State in Dutch Formosa

Guo, Yung-Hsing Decoupling China before Trade War:Policies Change and Stagnation of Manufacturing’s Westward Movement

Hon, Ivan Mixture of Confucianism with Marxism: The May Fourth Aftermath and Confucius Institues

Huang, Chien-Chung Intelligent Robots and Rural Children in China


Jiang, Chiau-Jiun The Influence of US-China Trade War in Taiwan Stock Markets: A GARCH Analysis

Ke, Meihuai Comparison between Ancient Chinese Civilization and Ancient Greek Civilization

Kiang, Walter Child Protection Services and Globalization: Implication for Future Directions in Taiwan

Ko, Han-Jung "A Road to a Free Taiwanese": Two Case Studies of Blacklisted Taiwanese Immigrants in North America

Lee, Wei-Chin All in the Bag? The Political Economy of Chinas's "One Belt and One Road" Initiative, the "Dual Circulation of the Global Value Chain" Theory, and Their Strategic Implications

Li, Chien-Pin  The US Indo-Pacific Strategy and U.S-Taiwan Economic Cooperation

Lin, Syaru Shirley Challenges Facing Taiwan Under the Sino-U.S. Competition for Global Influence

Lin, Tse-Min; Lu,Shuning New Media and Political Participation in China

Lu, Xuanming Exploring the Field of Translating Chinese Contemporary Literature:A Case Study of Howard Goldblatt's Translation Habitus

McGuire, William Capital Mobility, Financial Constraints, and Capital Intensity in China

Peng, Tao "Abstract Lyricism" in surging social change: An Analysis of Shen Congwen's story "sansan"

Rosen,Stanley  China’s Use of Film in Its Pursuit of Soft Power: Structural and Self-Imposed Limits in China’s Competition with Hollywood

Sirbu, Vlad Simple revenants, complex vampires: Early vampire literature in China and Germany

Sutter, RobertPushback: The American Government's Hardening Approach to China

Tseng, Roy   The May Fourth Movement and New Confucianism:A Fusion of Cultural Conservatism and Political Progressivism

Van Duyn, Matthew  Workers" New Villages and the Making of the Socialist Working Class in Post-Liberation Shanghai

Wilson, Kevin  Of Stones and Tigers; Time, Infinity, Recursion, and Liminality in the writings of Jorge Luis Borges (1899-1986) and Pu Songling (1640-1715)

wei, Judy Chia Yin   The Media’s Role on Economic Voting in the Era of Social Media: A Comparison of 2012 and 2016 Presidential Elections in Taiwan

Wu, K.S. Charles; Yeh, Yao-Yuan   Will Americans Help Taiwan Defend China in the Event of War?

Wu, Yu-Shan  Setting the Stage for Constitutional Development: May Fourth and Its aftermath

Yang, Jui-sung May Fourth Movement and Modern Nation-Building:Discourses of "national territory: in the KMT and CCP Nationalisms

Yu, Ching-hsin  Parliamentary Politics in the Late Qing and the Early Republic: A Bumpy Ride for Democracy

Zang Dongsheng  Who Rules the New Silk Road?