American Association for Chinese Studies 


Papers and Presentations 2017



Chang, Kuo-sheng Language Politics,Hakka Dialect and Taiwan History

Chao, Yung-Mau and Wang, Ting-Jieh Social Impact Assessment and the Reform of Environmental Impact Assessment in Taiwan

Cheang, Wai Fong The Image of Women in Taiwan Hakka Literature

Chen, Ching-Chun How Does Mobile Social Media Use Influence Political Engagement Concerning National Defense Policy? Examining the Mediating Role of Social Capital

Chen, Liang-Yu How Do Experts Work Differently at Various Levels of Government in China’s Climate Change Policy? A Comparative Study

Chen, Titus C. and JU Yu-En Under Mountain Zhinan1 : Republic of China Public Diplomacy toward United States (1966-1968)

Chen, Dung-Sheng and Chou, Muyi University- community partnership in the transformation of local development: From market- oriented to local-based development

Chiang, Chun The would-be butterfly effect after Sunflower Movement: A perspective from two-level game theory

Chiang, Linda H. Religious diversity: Is there a need to have religious legislation in Taiwan?

Chiu, Rong Jeo , Chien, Yuan Tseng , Loh Yip-Mei and Huang Mei Hsuan Transitional Justice and the Hakka Society in Taiwan

Chiu, Holly H. The Impact of Employee Intrinsic and Extrinsic Motivation on Attitude Toward and Use of the Innovation: The Moderation Role of Manager Persuasive Strategy and Assertive Strategy

Chiu, Yi-Chi The Introspection of “Positive Decadence” in Taiwan Urban Literature

Ding, Tai-Ping and Kuo, Ming-feng Community Governance and Citizens’ Interest Articulation: How structural constraints shape civic engagement in China

Fetzer, Joel S. and Millan, Brandon Alexander Support for Democracy and Propensity to Emigrate from Hong Kong

Givens, John and MacDonald, Andrew How the Internet is Empowering Legal Pushback Against Authoritarians: A Big Data Approach in China

Hon, Ivan Relationships between Confucianism and the Economic Development of Contemporary Chinese Societies

Hsu, S. Philip The Transforming Pioneer of Collective Bargaining in the Pearl River Delta: the Case of Luogang, 2010-2015

Hu, Yiming Analyzing the New Power Party as The Reflection of Social Change in Taiwan

Huang, Hua-Hsi (Samuel) and Wen, Shaoshuang Why China’s Economic Inducements Do Not Always Work?

Karlach, Jan The Fiction of State Control: Imagining the Native Chieftaincy in Southwest China

Larson-Rabin Leah and Ratigan Kerry Bringing China to the Nonresponse Table: Individual Determinants of Survey Nonresponse among Chinese Villagers

Li Si Min Shadows of Memories: Chinese Immigrants’ Leaving Motivations

Liao Jessica What Washington Doesn’t Get about the One Belt One Road: The Case of Southeast Asia

Lin Abraham H.J. Bank Reforms in Taiwan: Past, Now and Future

Lin Hsin-Hsuan Taiwan’s Government Secrecy Law Reforms: The Implications for Executive Privilege and Evolving Presidential Power

Pien, Chung-pei Clean Facility’s Pollution? The Emergence of Environmental PPP Policy, A Case Study of Beijing, China, 1989-2014

Shi Xia A “National Disgrace”? Concubines on International Stage in Late Qing and Early Republican China

Shih Dr Fang-long Cultural War of Identity Politics in Postwar Taiwan: Performance of Techno God Nezha as a Form of Resistance

Singh Prashant Kumar India and Taiwan in the Global Arena

Stutter Robert Contemporary Russian-Chinese Relations: Strategic Implications and American Foreign Policy Choices

Tang Ching-Ping The Politics of Intellectual’s Adventure in Promoting Just Development

Tsai Michelle H-J. The Chinese dream: Chinese capitalism, Taiwanese enterprises and identity politics

Tsai Chia-Hung, Wang Ching-Hsing , and Weng Dennis Lu-Chung Personality Traits and Individual Attitude toward the Independence-Unification Issue in Taiwan

Tseng Chien-Yuan Human Rights Are Human Rights: Asian Values, Chinese Characteristics and Universal Values

Tso Yi-En It Takes a Community: The Development of Disaster Resilient Communities in Taiwan

Wang Yuan-kang History and China’s Rise: Understanding Changes in International Order

Wang Qingning Linguistic Violence and Online Political Communications in China: The Example of(Ji Di Pi) as an Ironic Spoof of GDP (Gross Domestic Product) in Online Debates around Environmental Issues

Wong YU-Feng The strategies against poverty and social exclusion: the distance learning system for afterschool learning in a rural community

Wu Chia-rongConflict and Coexistence in Gan Yao Ming's Pangcah Girl

Wu Charles Kuan-Sheng Public Opinion, Elite Alliance, and Movement Success in Taiwan's Sunflower Movement

Yang Dominic Meng-Hsuan Turning Diaspora on Its Head: Displacement and Mainlander Identity in Contemporary Taiwan

Yang Monica Global Mergers and Acquisitions by Chinese Firms in High-Tech Industries

Yoshihisa Amae When Wansei Comes "Home:"Myth, Production and the Politics of Colonial Nostalgia in Postcolonial Taiwan