American Association for Chinese Studies 


Papers and Presentations 2018



2018 Conference Paper Series with reporter June Dreyer Summary of the Round Table Discussion on Sharp Power, Soft Power and the Challenge of Democracies

Chang, Doris T. The Debate Over Same-Sex Marriage in Taiwan

Chang Tszkin Julian and Zhong Weifeng Reading China: Predicting Policy Change With Machine Learning

Cheng Tun-jen A Century of Quest: Taiwan's Democratic Change in Historical Perspective

Chiang H Linda Educational Reform as Means of Social and Political Movements in Taiwan

Chien Ying-Ying and Lin Ethan Westworld: Western Allusions to Post-human in the Works of Taiwanese Women Digital Artists

Dahmer Andi and Rich S Timothy Taiwan's Diplomatic Relations in Central America: A Historical Legacy or Enduring Partnership?

Fetzer, Joel S. and Soper, Christopher J. Church and State in Japanese-Occupied Taiwan

Ho Ming-Sho Taiwan's Civil Society and Student Movements

Hsiung, James C. China's Foreign Policy Directions: a Quixotic Break(?) In the Aftermath of the 19Th party Congress

Hu, Yiming From 1950 to the Modern Age: The Role of Communication Channel in Crisis-Management Process

Larus Elizabeth Xiconomics: Mixing Politics with Economics after the 19th Party Congress

Lee Wei-chin Multiple Shades of China's Taiwan Policy after the 19th Party Congress

Lee Ji-Young North Korea and China Relations in the Era of Xi Jinping

Leng Tse-Kang and Zhao Zhu-Cheng Sino-Russian Relationshop and Arctic Diplomacy: Power Politics and Economic Engagement

Li Chaomin and Sun Ailin China's Network Comprehensive Governance System Construction

Li li, David Cruise Malloy and Dongyan Ru Blachford The Design and Analysis of an Online Emotional Ethics Assessment

Lin Cheng-HsienThe Self-Efficacy among Early Adolescents in Southern Rural Taiwan

Lin James C.In The Vanguard: Taiwanese Agricultural Development in Vietnam and Africa, 1959-1971

Lin Tse-min and Lu ShuningNew Media and Political Participation in China

Lin Tsong-Jyi, Chang Yi-Bin, Weng Dennis Lu-Ching and Wang Ching-HsingPersonality Traits and Individual attitute toward Same-Sex Marriage: Evidence from Taiwan

Lung Shirley Geopolitics and the Making of Chineseness in US Sinophone Churches

Luo Ya-Hui and Chen Kuang-hui Education Expansion and its Influences on Social Class and Intergenerational Social Mobility in the Taiwanese Society

Shih Fang-Long Civil Society and Religious Functions in Taiwan: Anti-nuclear Goddess Mazu and Techno God Nezha in the consolidation of sustainability movements

Tsai Wen-Hsuan and Xingmiu Liao The Impending Rise of the "Tsinghua Clique": Cultivation,Transfer, and Relationships in Chinese Elite Politics

Wang Yuan Making Media Work: Public Opinion Shaping in Sino-South Korean Relations

Wu Yu-Shan Domestic Politics and Cross-Strit Relation: A Synthetic Perspective

Yang Monica Cross-border Acquisitions of High-Tech Firms in the USA by Chinese Firms: 1993-2015

Zeng Yuleng Money Buys Friends (or not): Evidence from China's Belt and Road Initiative

Zhu Chencong An Oral History Study of A Disabled Child and His Family in Beijing, China